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Room 7 Kirklandneuk

Friday, June 17, 2011

P3a Assembly

Our assembly took place on Friday 17th June. We told the whole school about UNICEF and the Rights Respecting School Award.

We tried to show the difference between a need and a want.

There are 42 rights in the convention. Here are some of the ones we showed
- the right to healthy food
- the right to clean water
- the right to clothes
- the right to have space to play

Pupils have the right to share their opinion.

Pupils have the right to join groups.

Pupils have the right to learn.

We sang 'Whether you're one or two or three.'

Our school would like to get a Rights Respecting School Award next session. There are still some things we need to do
- make a class charter
- find ways to help the local community
- make friends with children in some of the poorer countries in the world
- know our rights and tell others about them.


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