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Room 7 Kirklandneuk

Friday, October 14, 2011


In health we have been taking part in lots of different activities! We have been talking about friendships and how we can be good friends to everyone at circle time. We have also been looking at washing our hands and how germs can spread very easily. Mrs Coyle read us a story on our smartboard about Suki Sneeze and how she caught some germs from N . We learned how to wash our hands properly and how to use a tissue when we sneeze or cough. Everyone loved playing the splat the germ game. Here is a link to play it, if you want to try! http://www.kleenex.co.uk/sneezesafe/teachers_zone/games.htm

We have also been practising our massage. We all know to ask permission, check our strength and by gentle. Everyone is very relaxed when we do this


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