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Room 7 Kirklandneuk

Friday, October 14, 2011


We love our topic! Everyone has explored and learned so much about Scotland we have had so much fun!

After looking at the maps we then looked at using directions. We were directing each other around the classroom using positional language such as forwards, backwards, left and right. Mrs Coyle turned us all into cars and we have to use our indicators to show which way we were turning! This was tricky for us! We tried out some of our directions by using the beebot, everybody wanted a shot of this. We worked with our shoulder partner to create our own treasure map for Bobby. We then played a game by directing Bobby around our maps using the mathematical vocabulary we had already learned. This was great fun and no Bobbys got lost!

During our gym lessons we have been learning some Scottish dances including the Canadian Barn Dance, we can do this progressively and we have learned the Gay Gordons. Room 9 have been joining us for our dance practises and they are also very good. Mrs Coyle, Mrs Brodie and Mrs Ronnie are all very impressed by how well we can remember our steps and stay in time with the music. We all love working with our partner and our aim is to practise the tricky arm positions in the Gay Gordons for the joint ceilidh we are going to have with Room 9 and 10 after the October holiday.

Most recently we have been looking at Scottish culture including our food and tartan. We investigated the origins of tartan and researched the different clans and what their tartan looks like. We then looked at making our own tartan using weaving. This was a tricky skill for us to learn. Mrs Coyle was so proud of us for helping each other as we discovered 4 hands were better than 2! We are going to make our belts and buckles and then our kilts will be complete. Food is an important part of Scottish culture and we talked about all the different types of food that are made in Scotland and that we eat in Scotland. Then we made a Scottish food collage on our plates. This made everyone a little hungry!


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