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Room 7 Kirklandneuk

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our trip round Renfrew

As we came to the end of our topic on Renfrew, we decided to take a walk around town to discover what we had been learning about and to see if we could find out anything else.
We walked through Robertson Park with clipboards in hand looking out for different types of houses that looked onto the park.

 We also found lots of leisure activities in the park for children to take part in.

 When we got to the gates we had a good look at the patterns on them before crossing the road at the pelican crossing.
 We saw the building that contains the Victory Baths.  The date it opened in 1921 was above the door along with the names of Lord and Lady Lobnitz who gifted the baths to the people of Renfrew.
 We then walked along Hairst Street to look at all the different types of shops.  There were lots of hairdressers, banks, betting shops and estate agents.

We passed the Town Hall at 2.00pm - we saw the time on the clock at the top of the tower.

We turned the corner at the Post Office but if we had carried on we would have gone past the new Health Centre and Police Station on the way towards Braehead.

We arrived back at what used to be called Susan's Corner on Inchinnan Road but the shop is now called Allmark's.
We walked  through the Park and tried to balance on the white line all the way back to school!


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