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Room 7 Kirklandneuk

Friday, March 22, 2013

Our Vikings Open Evening

We had lots of activities for our parents to try during our Open Evening.  We made a Viking dessert from oatcakes, jam and fresh fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and apples.

We looked at our fantastic Viking Houses that we made for homework over the past few weeks and tried to find the modern object which was hidden in one of them. (It was a plastic washing machine from Rebecca's dolls' house!)

 We played the blindfold game where we tried to pin the sword on the Viking warrior and the brooch on the Viking lady.

We bartered at our trading store weighing out our silver to buy weapons and furs and jewelry that we had made during our topic.

We also looked at all our written work and art work on display in the class.
We made games to play such as Fact or Fib, Make a Viking Name for yourself and matching the days of the week to the Gods and Planets.  There was even a game on the computer to play called Viking Quest

Mums and Dads replied to our Runes messages and also left us nice comments in their two stars and a wish.

We also made some Viking bread and here we are enjoying it after Miss Kingsley kindly cooked it for us.



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