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Room 7 Kirklandneuk

Friday, April 26, 2013

Muslim prayer

We have been learning about Islam and how the Qur'an is very important to muslims and must be treated with respect.  The Qur'an lists the rules which muslims live by, one of which is prayer.  

A muslim can pray anywhere that is clean and tidy and the usual way to make a place special for prayer is roll out a prayer mat.  This usually has a design resembling the dome of a mosque and the mat is positioned to face Makkah. 

We found out that Islam forbids drawings of people and animals and as a result, a prayer mat usually has distinctive Islamic patterns, sometimes accompanied by Arabic writing..

We designed our own prayer mats and fringed them at the ends.

We also learned that muslims pray five times a day.

We learned about the eight positions for prayer.  Each stage begins with Allahu Akbar (Allah is Most Great).

We watched some videos about Islam from the BBC Class Clips website.  You could try watching some of them again here.

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