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Room 7 Kirklandneuk

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Start of T3

We have had A busy start to Term 3.  We started off by learning about the Chinese New Year which was yesterday (31st January 2014) Gung Hey Fat Choi!!!  We enjoyed learning about the different year of the animals, what year we were born in and discovered that this year is the year of the horse.

We had an important visitor to the classroom - she wanted to see how much we knew about Children's rights and was amazed by our knowledge.  She enjoyed listening to our assembly song - Every Child Has Rights and said she was very impressed.  Miss Breslin was very proud of us all.

We found out what our new topic will be - The Ancient Egyptians.  A time machine took us back in time by 5000 years where we discovered when the Ancient Egyptians were in power.  We have learned where Egypt is, what they used to get water from the Nile, what their houses were like, if children went to school what their social ladder showed.  We used saws to create the frame for our Shadufs, which will be on show at our Open Evening.

We are so excited to be learning about this and can't wait to show off what we have learned at our Open Evening. 

We have had lots of visitors for World of Work Week, talking about their jobs, what they do and why they decided to do this job.  We had visits from a PE teacher, a Paramedics, a Sports Coach, a Dog Trainer and a Midwife.  We learned a lot about these jobs and had lots of fun.


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