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Room 7 Kirklandneuk

Friday, January 30, 2015

World of Work Week

We have loved Work Week. We had lots of visitors coming to visit us. 

We found out all about the work of a policemen! This was very interesting as many of us want to be a policeman or a policewomen. We were so lucky we got to try on some of the policemen's uniform!

Then we found out all about the work of a person trainer! We think it sounds like a lot of hard work. Being in school 9am until 3pm is tiring. But some personal trainers work from 9am - 10pm!

We also learned what a Biochemist is. They have a very important job. They help find out what is wrong with us if we get Ill. It was very exciting having Maureen in to see us as she brought in a really interesting machine which showed us if we wash our hands properly or not! We found out that some of us need to wash our fingernails better!!

Last but not least we had David the Fireman to visit us. This was very interesting as we learned that fireman don't just put out fires. 


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