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Room 7 Kirklandneuk

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Viking Open Evening

Thank you to all who came to our Open Evening. 
We had a fantastic time being tour guides and showing you around our class. We hope you enjoyed seeing our finished displays and activities. However I am sure you would like to see some pictures of us at work.

We drew and measured the length of a typical longboat using meter sticks. 

We all practiced very hard to finally put the Viking Warrior dance together which you saw on our SMARTboard. 

We worked very hard to create our Viking artefacts for our museum. We had fun trying a few of them on. 

Of course we had to try out the activities before we let our visitors have a shot. Here we are deciding which Viking items we would like to purchase with our 30g. 

Many of us in room 7 have discovered  that we are fabulous bakers, I am sure you will agree. Here are a few snap shots of us making our Viking bread. 

Finally, here are a few shots of us deciding whether it was fair of the Vikings to invade Britain. 


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