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Room 7 Kirklandneuk

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Pirates Ahoy!

Unfortunately we are now coming to the end of our Pirates Topic :( but we have lots of information to share about our trip :)!

Yesterday we went on our class trip and had a great time on the Glenlee and at the Riverside Museum.

Lauchlan and Innes' favourite part was when we followed the clues and found some treasure. Jack read the scroll to us and then we all got to have a look inside Captain Scallywag's treasure chest.

Millie, Olly, Aiden and Isla all liked scrubbing the deck of the Pirate ship - what a result for Mum and Dad! I hope you will help them at home!! 

We then got to go over to the Riverside Museum and look at all the old cars! 

Amy and Kyle really enjoyed using the Zebra Crossing, we waited until the it was the green man before we crossed the road. 

The children also enjoyed going on the Motorbike and side car, would you believe we managed to fit 5 children in it! 

We even managed to squeeze in time for a professional photograph on Main Street, don't the children look great! 

Lastly we got a group picture with Room 5 on the giant grass chair, who knew you could fit 25 children on one armchair! 


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